Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Dream Eater

This was a painting that I did for class along time ago about what artist inspire you. The artist that inspire me was the works of Yoshitaka Amano, i remember seeing his works especially when i was a child of his final fantasy characters mostly the documentary on TV about him and his works. I painted a women dreaming of being consumed by a eerie foe.
Oil on canvas

Eveready battery worshiper's

Final result of Target Marketing of Eveready battery worshiper's, worshiping battery gods.
They have come from the heavens to bring you power, all hail Eveready.
oil burn on wood.

Eveready battery sketch's

This was for a target marketing concept for our class. My target market was for Eveready battery, we where to reintroduce Eveready in a new light to people. our group came up with the idea of a new world order feel . down with the old in with the new.
the sketch's you see are my concept stage's for the final result.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

wooden bat

Hello again this is another wooden curving that I curved for wood class.
Its a wooden bat nutcracker. its been burned a little sense the wood was tough to curve in to.

Brain Scream

This sculpture was part of a 6 series of image that I did for class, this was the final experiment that I showed. Its about stress and how you may want to scream from it all.
This was done on wooden surface with sculpey and baked.
wood on clay

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Room for one more

Hello again this is the finished results for the urban legend Room for one more story assignment. This story starts with a girl sleeping over her grandparents house, one night while she was sleeping in bed she awakens to find in her window a old wagon pulling up by horses in her front window. When she gets up to take a better look, a old and eerie long figure step out of the wagon and says to the girl from the window "theirs room for one more" then suddenly the mysterious figure disappears. One day the girl desides to get on a elevator, when the door of the elevator opens she see a crowd of people and hesitate to go in until she hear a voice from the elevator saying theirs room for one more, it was the eerie figure holding the elevator door. The girl seeing the same figure from before walks away suddenly as the elevator door closes it crashes and gets crushed killing everyone inside.
This story changes each time its told like all urban legend do.
Oil and acrylic on canvas

Room for one more sketch

Hello again my comrades, this was a sketch for a urban legend story called Room for one more, about how deaf can be anywhere even on a elevator wanting you to come on in. But this elevator trip could be your last.

Hot Patootie - Bless My Soul

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun Times

This was part of a six series of image that we had to do in class about expression, i did my series on my life like a visual dairy but with images inside of words.
Its about hanging out with family at a bar and just talking about everything letting your mind go, ya know the good times.
I showed this expression in animal form because its just about relaxing, a owl and hamster having beer letting go of it all.
digital cut paper on wood

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hello their these is from a wood curving class i took in school, i usually burn wood as a medium not curve but it was a interesting class to take i learn a lot from curving and about the grain of wood, it was just a different way of showing art in a 3 dimensional form instead of being flat and 2d which am use to.
This is a Extremely Experimental work i did over a summer ago, i used just four oil based colors i never used before and combine it with cutpaper. this was not scan but photograph.

Blueberry Cake

I made this for a dear friend who give me a delicious blueberry cake during a 6hour assignment in class and we order food but it ran out quickly and i wanted more so my friend gave me a cake she made and i never forgot her kindness, so i made this for her to have.
oil burn on wood.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lead Playground

This is about the danger of lead poisoning in toys and how harmful it can be for little kids.
This was base off a old master assignment where we had to pick a famous work and change it some how. i chose a theme about lead poisoning i forgot the name of the old master but i added lead based toys and a child playing in a river of lead in a unusual land, but before that it was just a normal landscape with a fence from the old masters

Her Inner Voices

This was a assignment given to us about what lurks in a celebrity head, we had to pick a celebrity, i choose lady gaga, and show what lurks in their head.
I illustrated a little alter ego of gaga pulling out of her ear her inspirational voices of ideas that make her sing and dresses the way she does.

(The Rocky Horror Picture Show)/ Science Fiction-Double Feature

Children of atlas

This is from the fallen angel quote, look back to the sketch of the angels to understand this painting. this is the second idea.
acrylic on canvas.

wood burn bird

This is one of my wood burning works i did for class of a hell bird, from a famous line.
wood burning on oil

The Fallen Angels

This is the finished work from the quote: "Remember, that I'am thy creature; I ought to be thy Adam; but I am rather thy fallen angel."
I made this out of cut paper and added real hair to give it a 3D look to it

sketch of fallen angels

"Remember, that I'am thy creature; I ought to be thy Adam; but I am rather thy fallen angel."
this line was from a famous quote from a novel or movie. In our class we had to choose a quote and illustrate it , i choose the fallen angel quote, to me I interpreted as a mocker of those angles that have fallen and of what could have been a paradise for them but now is a chaotic nightmare waiting to crumble. The quote could of have had a double meaning to it, either relating to real life or biblical meaning heaven or hell motto.
This was my first sketch idea of the quote their is a second sketch called children of atlas
from the same quote.

A boxers world

This was for a 6 hour assignment in class where we had to pick a magazine article, draw a sketch and do a finish illustration by the end of the 6 hour.
I pick a article about how boxers are the modern gladiators of our time, and how brutal and bloodthirsty it can be especially with the crowds cheering them on.
this was about 90 percent done but not finished.
Oil on wood canvas.

The Cat

This is what i usual do in cut paper, it one of my personal works from home

Fly boy

This was the final result in cut paper for the class collaboration project for fly boy

Fly boy

This image was part of a class collaboration project, our class decided to work together and come up with our on individual idea and put it all together on one surface like a collage.
My idea was to make a simple cut paper version of a flying baby creature i call fly boy.
I made more than one of this creature for our class project, your seeing this done frist in photoshop paint. i draw it on paper than scan it in photoshop.