Saturday, August 31, 2013

Framed and shipped


This is being shipped out to a friend it been framed i think it looks nice.
Also if anyone wants orginal art work like this done just email me and we can work out  a deal or a print out of one of my works on my website  just email me and i will connect to you about the price range.  alright take care for now friends.

Army Boots finished

Yup this is the final result for this painting am sending this to a friend of mine who is inspiring me to keep creating stuff. Its been a long time scene i used my normal medium, it was fun i had to remember ever method again to paint in oil and reminded me why i prefer traditional paintings more then digital but anyway it was fun to do again.

Oil/wood burn

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sketch and Color study Army Boots

    Hey all this is a different project i usually dont do but a friend of mine gave me a idea about army boots, this is for them when its done.  Here you see a sketch, burning and color study on wood panel, the finish will be in oil paint.  Also if u have a theme or topic u would like me to make  tell me am always open for new ideas and opinions.