Sunday, May 19, 2013

first steps

   Hello everyone,  this is just a color study for the next project this will be in digital paint do to time    limits i miss painting stuff by hand but like i  said time limits.   When everything is done ill like u  know where to look for this project until then take care everyone.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Digital Portrait

   This is the finish digital portrait,  I still think it can be better tho need to experiment more pleace let me know what u think.  But ill be back with more images this image may change if i think it needs something more.

love this song so dream like and moody

portrait sketch and color study

   Hi everyone long time no see ive been doing my thing searching for new clients and trying to come up with different ideas, awww its a freelancers life.  But anyway  this is a portrait sketch and color study someone asked me to do for them.  For this project am going to do this in digital, yes am still a noob at digital but that's not stopping me from trying lol.